Do more with T3+
Maximize Metrc.
What is T3+?
T3+ is a suite of advanced tools designed to supercharge your compliance team and provide business intelligence that can't be accessed anywhere else.
How is T3+ different?
T3+ is the paid version of Track & Trace Tools. The open source version will be free to the cannabis community forever.
What you get with T3+:
  • Advanced reports such as Active Packages, Point-in-time Inventory, Straggler Inventory, Employee Activity, and Quickviews
  • Report tool
  • Package history viewer to show the entire tree of source and child packages.
  • Graph tool
  • Metrc explorer for navigating around the history of any Metrc object.
  • Explorer tool
  • Manifest scan sheets for quickly verifying packages in incoming transfers
  • Custom CSV uploads for creating packages in bulk
  • Upgraded search engine with advanced filtering and data exporting
  • Advanced search tools
  • Early access to all new and experimental Track & Trace Tools and T3+ features
  • Priority support for all Track & Trace Tools features
  • Tooling customization for Track & Trace Tools
  • Supports the open source project. Track & Trace Tools will be free for the cannabis community forever.